Congratulations to everyone who earned a title or queue, or just a really nice moment on course, at our Dynamo Trial this weekend. It is wonderful to see the young dogs coming up, and looking so full of promise, and the dogs who did not start on an agility track starting to really catch on to the game, and the old guys still going strong and showing the youngsters how it is done!

Though there were some challenging courses it was really interesting to see the different ways that folks solved the sequences, and some of the really jaw dropping runs at speed that made them look easy! (okay, maybe not easy, but pretty darn smooth!)

Looking forward to our next trial in January, when we will be helping THREE new judges get Starters/Advanced Certification. Come out and join the fun, and if you only have a Masters dog, sign up for some FEO runs and get back to basics! 🙂

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