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Height: 17.5"
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Owner: Lesley Howard-Stafford

Rusty was a wonderful rescue spaniel.  He came from the Calgary Humane Society where he had been returned twice for being a bit of a bad actor as a young dog. He was a wild man but settled down nicely and was a terrific addition to our family and the Dynamo Dogsport Demonstraton team.  He loved to cuddle.

He learned to play flyball and was happy to run in any position on his team, flying down the lane to bring that ball back.

Rusty loved playing agility, often taking several more obstacles than the judge's course indicated. He thought it was more fun that way. He finished 4th in the 10" DD Vet division in the AAC AB/NWT 2016 Regional Championships grinning from ear-to-flying-ear the whole way.

He entertained audiences in Edmonton, Saskatoon and St. Albert as a member of the President's Choice Superdogs and was a proud member of the Dynamo Dogsports Demonstration Team for five year. He was a great ambassador for rescue dogs in general and spaniels in particular.

We feel blessed to have shared most of his 10.5 + years with him and do so many fun things together.