Hmmm,  Havoc does look a little thicker about the middle.  But is that because there are pups in there, or is it because we ran out of raw, so for the past couple of days she has been eating salmon steaks and spagetti? 🙂  Harder to tell with Fysti, because she is both hairy and rather chucky to start with.

I am leaning toward an ultrasound for both of them, which can be done at about a month (in about two weeks).  If neithor one still looks promising at that point it will help rule out the one pup hiding scenario, even if Havoc has "shown" herself at that point it will still help to know numbers.


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2 Responses to Is she or isn’t she?

  1. jennifer Fraser says:

    Hey there Seanna good luck with the breeding thing keep me updated I think I will go on the list for a sheltie pup next round if that is OK? As I am 7th in line for a pup and I would like to be at least 2nd or 3rd. Any way I notices you are doing JH for your April trial AWSOME and am wondering what you will be charging? I am hitting the JH for PACE and they only charge 5 a run for JH so I am running 6 full runs with all the aussies so I am hoping I will do the same thing for your april trial keep me posted and please send a entry form when they come out right to me please

  2. Seanna says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Junior Handler rates are 1/2 price, and the Premium list is here…

    Hope that helps,

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