Our Dynamo Dogsport Competitions are all about FUN!

Dynamo Dogsport Competitions

While AAC trials are all about tough handling challenges, our Dynamo Dogsport Competitions are about smooth courses and building confidence. They are great for those who just want to get out and play with their dog without the worry of the tough off course challenges shutting the dog down. They are also great for those who are competing in AAC, who want to test their ability to get those contacts and weave pole entrances at speed.

Dynamo Dogsport Competitions also offer a Longest Frisbee Catch competiton, for those who want to play at something different and test their throwing abilities; along with a High Jumping competition where the dogs can surprise the handlers with just how high they can soar!

There are also two Dynamo "head to head" events ... the Circular Chase, where two dogs race on opposite sides of the course at the same time (jumps and tunnels only) ... fastest dog with fewest faults wins and moves on; and the fast and fun Tunnel Relay competition, with jumps and tunnels set up in a line, with a curved tunnel at the end. Two teams of dogs race in a relay fashion up each line of equipmnet, .. first team with all dogs through the course wins!.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events and to download the premiums.

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