Thanks so much to all the folks who contributed to putting on a really awesome AB/NWT Regional Agility Championship last weekend... I know first hand how much time and energy goes into such an event, if you want to do it right, and you guys did a really great job!

On a personal note, I got to experience yet again how special it is to play in a fun agility event with my pups, surrounded by a wonderfully supportive group of people. Our Dynamo Dogsport students / club / family are SO special, cheering each other on in the good moments and commiserating on the moments that didn't go as planned. Wonderful to be able to share this experience with them all.

With dogs of all shapes, sizes, and speeds, Dynamo club members share a common purpose: to handle their dogs to the best of their ability on the courses presented to them, and navigate the challenges with smoothness and flow; so that the dog always knows where they are going, and stay connected around the course. THAT is success!

So congratulations to ALL of our Dynamo folks on their successes over the weekend. You guys rocked, and I was so proud of all of you!

Annika and Flare (Shetland Sheepdog) - 7th overall 16" Regular, and knocked it out of the park in one Standard round beating EVERYONE in that height class. Amazing that Annika can be away at school for months, and come back for Regionals and turn in that performance!

Robyn and Cora (Golden Retriever) - 45th Overall 22"Regular, they went to Regionals just to cheer everyone else on, and give young Cora some exposure to running in a different setting. But in every round Cora got better, more focused and more confident; and understood a little more about what she was doing there. Tribute to Robyn for bringing this dog, who has so much potential, along so patiently!

Jesse and Texx (Border Collie) - 5th overall 26" Regular, and oh my, what a team they are turning into! Speed, drive, connection, focus, they have it all!

Renee and Zola (All Canadian) - 12th overall 26" Regular, proving that the competitive classes are NOT just for Border Collies - some great smooth runs and Zola was really connected!

Lesley and Hickory (Weimeraner) - 14th overall 26" Regular, getting more focused and smoother on every course!

Ian and Dax (Golden Retriever) - 19th overall 26" Regular, Dax's enthusiasm can make her a handful, but once they started making use of the warmup to get focus, things started coming together and they had some great moments of connection. Starting to figure it out!

Finnegan 🙂 and Fysti (Shetland Sheepdog) - 7th overall 10" Vet, getting it done one flipping way or another, a masterful job of working the lines! 🙂

John and Meme (Beagle) - 7th overall 6" DD Vet, always amazed at John's ability to get his Beagle around the courses when she loves so much to talk back! But it is awesome to see the connection they have on course.

Lesley and Rusty (Field Spaniel) - 4th overall 10"DD Vet, just WOW - some beautiful runs out there, flowing around those course like Rusty was on a string. So connected, Rusty gave it his all!

Annie and Mochi (Akita/St Bernard) - 10th overall 16"DD Vet, what a great performance by Mochi, only one bar in the standard and jumpers rounds! It was so nice to see how much Mochi was enjoying running the courses, always knowing where he was going next and really moving out there!

Now let's go play at Nationals! 🙂

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