So tomorrow is the big day... we find out whether they are chunky because they are chunky or they are chunky because there is something in there. Here are pics from today ... what do you think?

Yes or No, and if yes ... how many?  Anyone who is right one gets a prize 🙂

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4 Responses to Ultrasounding tomorrow!

  1. Annika Chell says:

    hhhmmmmm… havoc, ya that is a hopeful yes! fysti, too fluffy for me to tell. for havoc i would say… maybe 7.

  2. Savanna says:

    Havoc Yes, Fysti Maybe,

  3. Carrie Kaufman says:

    Havoc will prego with ummm. my guess is 6 and fysti with 4…. my guess anyway

  4. kirstin oneill says:

    I say yes both….havoc 14 🙂 fysti 4 😛 your going to have your hands full!

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