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  • "I have to say your class last night was the best beginner class I have been to. Really enjoyed it."

  • "I learned options and possibilities for my dog - not just one way to do things!"
  • "Great instruction! Organized and encouraging. When is the next class?"
  • "Wonderfully knowledgeable and supportive way of dealing with both handlers and dogs! We will definately be back for more"

Upcoming Event Premiums:

UKI Agility Trial (Speedstakes): Jan 25, 2019
CKC Agility Trial: Jan 26-27, 2019
Barn Hunt Trials & Clinic: Feb 8-10, 2019
UKI Agility Trial (Speedstakes): Feb 22, 2019
AAC Agility Trial: Feb 23-24, 2019
UKI Agility Trial (Speedstakes): Mar 29, 2019
CKC Agility Trial: Mar 30-31, 2019
UKI Agility Trial: Apr 19, 2019
AAC Agility Trial: Apr 20-21, 2019

Previous Events hosted by Dynamo Dogsports

- AAC AB/NWT Regional Dog Agility Championships
June 22-25, 2017

- AAC Canadian National Dog Agility Championships
August 2013

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