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A Brief Picardy History:
Thought to be the oldest of the French Sheepdogs, the Berger Picard was brought to northern France and the Pas de Calais, in the 9th century by the Celts.

The breeding stock of the Berger Picard, or Picardy Shepherd, as it is known in some countries, was decimated by the ravages of World War I. With its population concentrated on the farms of north-eastern France, trench warfare in the Somme reduced the breed to very limited numbers.

Unfortunately, the solid, dependable breed has still not fully recovered, even though the Picards'' attributes include a lively, intelligent personality, a thick, weather-proof coat, and a sensitive and assertive disposition that responds quickly to obedience training.

The Berger Picard also has a protective nature, making them a good guard dog. The breed also has a well developed sense of humour making them an endearing companion, and they continue to be used very effectively as both sheep and cattle herder in their native land and elsewhere.

The breeds' intelligence and sensitivity are also making them increasingly popular in dog sports like Agility, Tracking, Schutzhund, Flyball. and French Ring Sport.



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