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Berger Picard Conformation:

The Berger Picard is a solidly built, medium-sized breed, with a well muscled body, lively expression, and intelligent face. The breed is also characterized by upright ears, and a semi-long, harsh overcoat, with fine, dense undercoat.

The Picard ranges in size from 21 to 26 inches. Weight averages from 50 to 70 pounds.

The Picard should have a long, easy stride with good extension in fromt and rear to cover lots of ground.

The Picard head should not be too large or too small, but ratheris in proportion to the rest of the body. There should be a very slight stop, at equal distance from the tip of the nose and the summit of the skull. The skull should be quite broad, but without exaggeration. The cheeks should be slightly rounded, and the hair on the cheeks should be the same length as that on the rest of the body.

The muzzle should be strong, and must not be pointed. The nose is always black and the lips must be lean and tight. There should be a slight mustache and beard. The jaws should be powerful, and must not be underhsot or overshot.

Ears are fairly large, broad at the base, and set rather high on the skull. The ears are naturally erect (although they may be folded back when in motion) with the tips very slightly rounded.

The Picard's eyes should be medium sized, not prominent, dark in colour, neithor light or wall eyed, but the darkness dependent on the coat colour (although never lighter than hazel).

Neck should be strong, muscular, and well set on.

Chest should be deep without exaggeration, not deeper than the elbow. The body should be slightly longer than high. The back should be straight, the loin solid, and the ribs well sprung. The belly should be slightly tucked up, and the rump should merge gradually into the thigh.

The tail should be coated, and at rest must reach the point of the hock. It should hang straight with a slight curve at the end. In motion the tail may be carried higher, but should not be carried over the back.

Shoulders long and oblique, giving great freedom of movement. The Picard should be muscular without being heavy. The legs should be straight and vetical, with the pasterns slightly inclined from back to front, giving suppleness to the joint and facilitating sudden halts.

Thighs strong and well muscled, upper thigh rather long, with a strong stifle. The Picard must not be straight behind, nor stand too far back, The hindquarters should not be too close or too wide. The legs and hindquarters must be solid, without weakness, but with suppleness.

Rounded, short, and well arched.

Hard, semi-long, not curly or flat. On an adult, the coat should be 5 to 6 cm long on the whole of the body, including the tail. The undercoat should be fine and dense. The coat should be shown rough, with natural "flames" (slight clumping of topcoat hairs) not brushed out.

Grey, grey-black, grey with black highlights, grey-blue, grey-red, light or dark fawn, or a mixture of these shades. No white patches are permitted, although a slight white mark on the chest or on the tip of feet is permitted.



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