Historic adWe are very proud to have been chosen to host the AAC National Championships on the 25th Anniversary of the AAC!Plans are in the works for an onsite display of agility through the years, including historical artifacts from the archives of the AAC.If you anything that might fit well into our display let us know at sko@dogsport.org

These could include photos, videos, or historic records related to the AAC, or agility in general.

If you have/had a dog who attained  a Lifetime Achievement Award, you should be receiving the following card in the mail…



General information:

If you wish to enter Nationals with a dog who has earned their Lifetime, all fees apply, but you do not have to enter or qualify at Regionals, you can step right onto the National Stage.

If you would like to send a photo of a Lifetime dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, or retired from Agility, so we can include it on our History Wall as a tribute to one of the dogs who helped the shape the organization and the sport… you can send it to …

AAC Nationals 2013
10540 – 44th St
Edmonton, AB
T6A 1V9

(Be sure to include some highlights of your dog’s career)

Of course if your Lifetime dog is still playing agility we would love to have a photo of them as well, along with some of their accomplishments.

***You will NOT get these photos back, so please do NOT send originals!!!***

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