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Entries are now closed.

Congratulations to all those that entered, we look forward to seeing you in Alberta, and welcoming you to the Nationals party!

48 responses to “Entry Form & Premium”

  1. says:

    Do I have to have a separate log in to register Lauren for the Jr event?

  2. says:

    Hey Seanna.
    I logged on about 30 minutes ago and completed the online form. I paid via Paypal and had reserved Tent spot #41 (which is on my Nationals receipt.) I logged back on just to look and #41 is “reserved” for someone else….??? So who will end up with it?


  3. says:

    are you going to open up anymore shade tent spots?? I”m just wondering I came online to book and everything was filled out. Let me know


  4. Greta Starr says:

    Would like to book shade tent. Are there really less than 100 spots? Where do the rest of us go???

  5. says:

    I also want to book a shade tent. Why are there so few spots? 102 tent spots for an event that usually has 350 – 400 entries…..

  6. I really wanted a shade tent spot and there are all reserved. I really hope there will be more spots since there are so few.

  7. says:

    I also thought I had reserved a shade tent spot but when I went to pay that spot was taken – I would really like a spot

  8. There are people who have not paid for shade spots but appear to be ‘reserved’. How long do they have to pay for the spots so that some of us looking to pay ASAP can have a spot? As for benching in the crating area, how do we reserve a spot since there appears to be nothing on the registration form. Thank you in advance.

  9. says:

    I notice you have addressed the shade tent situation on the home page. When I entered there was no shade tent openings but I would like one. How do I go about doing that. Also, I was looking to edit my RV request to show I wanted to be around where Pronger, Bedard, Turton were situated but didn’t see how to do that either. Please advise. Thanks

  10. says:

    I am also wondering about shade tent availability. Will you be releasing the spots that are reserved and not paid for and if so when. Do I have to reserve a spot in the crating area? Thanks for the help.

  11. says:

    I am also wondering about tent shade availability. I am checking the site regularly for an update. Is there another way of finding out this info so we don’t miss out.

  12. Hi This is Dodie (Savanna’s Mom)
    I would like to get Savanna registered for nationals but I was waiting for the shade tents to come available or should I register her now and then pay for the spot when it comes available
    I have been checking the site all day and as of yet there have been no changes

  13. Is there any tent space left for me and my friend Jude with her Irish Setter?

  14. says:

    Can you please leave a message here re: shade tents and how to book them? Many of us are not entering until we know we’ll have a place to put our dog.

  15. Can you please let me know what has happened with the tent spot # 18 that I paid for I just logged back on and it now says that it is reserved for someone else I have my paypal receipt stating that it was payed for.

  16. says:

    I forgot to put on my entry form that I wanted a Warm up run on Thursday, Can I still order one?? I can send payment with the rest of my entry.

  17. says:

    I paid for site 52 and have the receipt to prove it but when I went back on to check it si reserved for someone else so I paid for another spot and it still show reserved but not paid for.

    • Hi Donna, Awfully sorry about that. We had to work out some kinks with the system and then juggle a little bit due to double bookings. Bottom line is: you’ll see now that you have two spots booked. If you see white ones that you like better… Just click on them (they will turn orange). Don’t do anything else.. just then let me know thaat you’ve done that.. and I’ll swap the new ones for the ones you’ve currently got (which are shown in green for you, here:
      Cheers John

  18. Sorry 98 got taken. How about 207 or 216? Just let me know and I’ll make it so.

    • Hi Veronica…
      I just added a bunch of new spots.. some right by the ring..

      If you see one that you like better than the one you’ve got (98), then just click on it. (it will turn orange). Don’t do anything else.. just then let me know that you’ve done that.. and I’ll swap the new one for the ones you’ve currently got (98).

      Cheers, John

  19. Hi Shauney,

    There was a problem with double booking that has now been rectified. So sorry about 18. I put you in 191 and 192 (since you bought two) which are closer to the ring. If you’d like to switch to somewhere else that is still available, let me know. Thanks.

    • Hi Shauney,

      I just added a bunch of new spots.. some right by the ring..

      If you see ones that you like better than the ones you’ve got, then just click on them. (they will turn orange). Don’t do anything else.. just then let me know that you’ve done that.. and I’ll swap the new ones for the ones you’ve currently got).

      All the best, John

      Cheers, John

  20. says:

    Hi John, My shade tent is actually 12×12, do I need to get two spots to cover that size? Never had an issue before with it but I was to make sure.thnx

    • Thanks guys, I did book a new site when the 2nd set of sites were released. Although I don’t need 2 spots so#99 can be put back for the offering. Can i use the credit towards the Nationals entry? Or do you refund through Paypal?

      • You’ll see my email to Heather of the AAC. She owns the paypal account. Let’s see if she can refund the purchase of #99.

        • says:

          Since Lorenda wants to refund #99 could I swap my 148 that is reserved but not booked/paid for yet for 99 if possible? Do I need to pay for 148 and then you would swap on your end or ?
          Thanks for the help!

  21. says:

    How do you reserve a covered crating spot? How big is it? I’m travelling with 2 other, we have a total of 5 dogs (4 shelties and 1 westie). We would like to crate together, if possible?

  22. says:

    I’ve reserved spot 95, but can’t check out. Each time I hit “checkout”, it takes me to a page (dogsport) asking me to log in again. I do, and then it takes me to a blank page.

    • says:

      Never mind. I tried it using Safari instead of Firefox and it seems to have worked.

  23. i have purchased shade tent area 200 via paypal. the spot still shows as reserved. is this spot mine???

    thanks in advance,

  24. John was being a little overly generous at the beginning, and giving returning championships everything including the kitchen sink for free 🙂

    Heather (at the AAC) caught it, and will be invoicing Champions for the things that they should have not have gotten free (Champions are entitled to the Nationals rounds and 1 Banquet ticket); Steeplechase/warm-up/tri-team/merchandise/skill competition are not included.

  25. Okay dokay this has been done (#207 is now yours). See:

  26. says:

    I seem to be having problems with completing the premium and adding it to the cart. I have checked off that I am registering 2 dogs in Nationals but the total $ value at the end of the form only shows that I have purchased a banquet ticket, 1 t-shirt & 2 warm up rounds ($60). I also can’t find where you go to “check out” I clicked on “add to cart” but then I can’t find where to go.

    Help please :O)


  27. says:


    Please ignore my previous questions. I retried and it worked! :O)


  28. says:

    Hi John

    I just updated my tri-team team mates and now would like to send in payment but my cart is not showing my tent spot. I have #44 reserved for me and would like to keep it and get my payment sent off today.

  29. says:

    How do you enter a dog in steeplechase, but not in Nationals? The online form does not seem to allow that selection…