The Broad Jump has been put on the equipment list for the 2013 National Agility Championships.

Broad Jump
The Oxer (Hogback) Broad Jump is the type of Broad Jump in the AAC equipment container for use at Nationals.Specifications for the Oxer/Hogback Broad Jump are as follows:  It shall consist of two (2) to five (5) planks each between four feet and five feet (4ft and 5ft) long and between six (6) inches and nine (9) inches wide. Two (2) boards shall be four inches (4 in) high, two (2) shall be six inches (6 in) high and one board shall be eight inches (8 in) high. The tallest boards are placed in the middle to form an increase in elevation when moving from the centre from one end and a decrease when moving from the centre towards the other end. The tallest boards shall be the ones removed when the span is decreased for smaller dogs.
Marker poles between three-quarter inches (3/4 in) and one and one quarter inches ( 1 ¼ inches) outside diameter, four feet (4ft) tall, shall be placed at each corner of the jump, and shall be freestanding. These marker poles shall be marked with a contrasting colour so that fifty percent (50%) of each pole is light coloured by striping or banding.

broad jump table

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