Here you can meet our dynamic host committee and learn a little about our club…

Dynamo Dogsports was formed a number of years ago, by some folks who shared a common interest in dog agility, love of dogs, and desire to show the world how much fun people can have with their dogs.

Committee Chair:Seanna

I have been involved in dogsports, including agility, for over 20 years. I have raised three daughters in the sport, and it is my passion. I started with Borzoi, and have since played with Parson Russell, Berger Picard, Sheltie, and Malinois. Having earned a number of Regional and National Championships, I felt it was time to give back to the AAC, the organization that has brought the sport of Agility so far in Canada; and so the bid to host the 2013 Nationals was born.


Technical Expert and Webmaster:
Shortly after getting my first dog, a beagle named Meme, I joined Dynamo Dogsports to begin our journey into the world of agility. Now Meme is seven and we have already done two Regionals and one Nationals (Nanaimo in 2012). Onwards and upwards in 2013.I am also the club webmaster, so if you have a question about any of our on-line services I can be reached here.


Media Liason:
We competed in our first AAC National Agility Championship in 2010 at Spruce Meadows in Calgary with my rescue Field Spaniel Rusty. When not out on course with Rusty, I can be found doing Animal Assisted Therapy with Elly, a nine year old All Canadian rescue or playing with my young Weimaraner, Hickory, who is looking forward to his agility days. In my other life I works as a project manager, in marketing and communications. I am excited to have the opportunity to welcome you and your agility partner(s) to the 2013 AAC Nationals.


Sponsorship Coordinator:
Harley, a Husky mix, originally from a northern reserve area and rescued through SCARS, started me on an agility path. She is my first dog, and I had no idea how much adopting a dog would change my life for the better. I has developed a great bond with Harley, thanks in part to dogsports and agility, and I’ve become part of a wonderful group of people who share my love of dogs, and who have been so willing to help with advice, assistance and mentorship, not just with agility but in all areas of dog training and ownership. I love being part of the Dynamo Dogsports team, and I’m looking forward to seeing what our teamwork can do with the 2013 Nationals!


Volunteer Coordinator:
Hi! My name is Lori and I’m thrilled to be the Volunteer Coordinator of the 2013 AAC Nationals. It wasn’t long ago that I volunteered at my first AAC Regionals event where I was fascinated by the sport. It became immediately apparent that agility had the perfect combination of physical challenge and mental strategy. My laid back Springer Spaniel was in for a shock 🙂 I was fortunate to add a second dog recently, a Sheltie. She is teaching me about honesty in handling and how to RUN on course.Come join the fun and volunteer!! It’s going to be great time.


Financial Controller:
I am the co-founder and Artistic Director of Firefly Theatre and Circus, Alberta’s award winning aerial performance company. I grew up riding horses, which led me to the circus where I became the Equestrienne Apprentice at the Big Apple Circus. Although I no longer stand on a galloping horse, my life is still a circus and competitive agility and Dynamo Dogs fit right in! I am the proud mom of Mochi, an Akita cross, who loves to show that big dogs can play agility too!


Prizes / Ribbons / Awards:
I have been in the agility world since I was about 5 years old, and now I have 2 boys of my own, Dominick and Dylan. I currently have 2 shelties, Cypher and Excel, and a imported border collie from Croatia, Tylt. I have won multiple regional and national championships and have had the opportunity to represent Canada numerous times at the world championships. I am looking forward to working with our amazing club “Dynamo dogs” to make this years nationals the best we can 🙂


I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in an agility family. I currently have Euro (semi-retired Berger Picard); 2 FCI World team dogs, Beckham (Parson Russell) and Radical Rabbit (Malinois); and an upcoming Whippet named Tenacious Turtle, who may make an appearance at this year’s Nationals! Having competed and volunteered at almost every Nationals, I look forward to helping my Dynamo Dogsports family make this an event to remember.


I started dog training 1.5 yrs. ago. Scarlett is the first dog I’ve trained or competed in dog sports with, but we have learned quickly, and I’m now a part time obedience instructor. I compete with her in Obedience, agility, and French Ring Sport (a combination of Obedience, Jumping, and Bite work exercises). I love playing with Scarlett in agility, and have really enjoyed becoming a Dynamo Dogsports Club member. I am looking forward to helping make this a National Championship to remember!
I am fourteen years old. I have loved animals ever since I was little, but now, I have a passion for dogs. I started agility training, with Dynamo Dogsports, with my first dog, Shiloh, when I was almost twelve. Before that I had not had much chance to bond with Shiloh, so I sure have learned a lot! I have now built a very strong bond with this hard-headed Husky mix. Shiloh has taught me a lot about both patience and handling. I am very excited to help in the planning and running of Nationals 2013 because I know there is a lot I can learn from that as well!


Parking and RVs::
I have had dogs all my life. My passion for dog sport grew when I took my first obedience class. I currently own 2 Belgian Malinois and a retired mixed breed dog. I have shown in competitive obedience for the last five years. I am new to the agility world within this last year. I have enjoyed every moment and look forward to playing more in this sport.


Hello! My name is Steve Eisenreich and I am still a newbie to this sport called agility, I have been competing with my dogs now for 7.5 years and I am slowly getting the hang of it. Part of the problem is I live 3 hours away from most of the trials I compete in and training opportunities are few and far between. So with that said I learn most of my handling skills from watching YouTube videos. lol My dogs, a Standard poodle and a Miniature poodle, love the sport and are always ready to hop in the van and go on our next adventure.


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