Regional 3 Dog Team Championship

Think you have the top 3 dogs in the Region?  Want to have a little fun with your friends and run a team relay at Regionals? Enter the AAC AB/NWT Regional 3 Dog Team Championships and go for it!

Tylt1st EVER!

Fun competition that pits teams of three dogs and handlers against each other, to determine who will come out on top!


  • All competitors must be entered in the AAC Regional Agility Championships
  • YOUR TEAM MUST SUPPLY A FLAG WITH YOUR TEAM LOGO/NAME AT CHECK-IN, for display during the Regional Championships and on the Podium
  • There will also be a Best Team Flag competition, winner announced at the closing ceremony.
  • There will be three dog/handler pairs on each team
  • One person CAN NOT run multiple dogs on the same team
  • Dogs can only be entered on one team
  • Handlers can be entered on multiple teams with different dogs
  • Max of ONE veteran dog per team (due to the increased opportunities for points for veterans)
  • The best 10 competitor scores from each of the following  (2 Standard, 1 Jumpers (only the first will count), and 2 Gamblers) count toward the team’s total, to determine whether they will move on to the 3 DOG TEAM FINAL  on SUNDAY
  • Each member of the team MUST have at least two scores counted over the 5 events.
  • There must be at least one score used from each of the three disciplines (Standard/Jumpers/Gamblers)
  • Entry fee of $10 per dog (enter on the AAC Regional Championship entry form, listing the other two members of the team)
  • Top team from the Regional scoring outlines above will be eligible for the 3 DOG TEAM FINAL on Sunday.
  • The Final will run as a European Style relay, with Baton Exchanges in a box, winner take ALL!
  • Teams running in the Final will begin with a clean slate and will run on a time + faults basis, with the following fault penalties:
    • Refusals will not be faulted
    • Off Courses are 5 faults
    • Non completions are 20 faults
  • Regional 3 Dog Team winners will announced, and prizes awarded, at the Closing Award Ceremonies