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Plans are in the works for our 2021 September Regional Championship event!

While it will take us a bit of time to update our Premium list and website, here are some of the things we are working on:

  1. The new Regional event will be held September 2 – 6, 2021
  2. Competitors from MB/SK/BC, as they do not have a Regional Competition in their own Regions this year, will be welcome and able to compete on a level playing field, including placing at the event.
  3. Clean runs in the Regional rounds, for the first time, will count toward qualifying legs in whatever level the dog is currently competing (ex – a dog in Starters with a clean run in the Regional Standard round, will receive a Starters Standard qualifying leg toward a Starters title.)
  4. We are planning an unsanctioned, unofficial International Biathlon event on Thursday, Sept 2. This will include one round of Standard and one round of Jumpers WITH Weaves, designed by an International judge. There will be great Prizes for the top dog in the Biathlon event!
  5. There will also be one round of Steeplechase on Thursday, Sep 2, which will help qualify for the Final Steeplechase on Sunday.
  6. In order to limit the number of people on site, we will be scheduling Regular dogs on one half of each day, and Specials/Veterans on the other half of each day. We will be asking those who are running in only one of the two categories to help volunteer for the other half of the day. This will be an important aspect of helping to keep the event as safe as possible, so are hopeful that competitors will embrace the concept and sign up to help when they are not running.
  7. There will be a GREAT silent auction/raffle on site!
  8. We are still on track for an on-site beer garden… FUN!

We will be working on the site and Premium over the next few weeks, so please be patient and wiat for an announcement that they are finished before asking questions or trying to enter the 2021 event.

Stay well everyone!

Dynamo Dogsports