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These are concerning times indeed. Every host club is having to handle their upcoming Regionals a little differently, depending on where they were in the organizational process, the outlay of financials to date etc.As you will have heard, the AAC National Dog Agility Championships has been cancelled for 2020 in Calgary. As the AB/NWT Regional hosts we are hoping that they will be held in Calgary in 2021, and this is just a long postponement, but it may be a while before that is confirmed.So we have to make some decisions around the AB/NWT Regional Championships that were scheduled for June, 2020 in Edmonton.

The AAC has sent the following 2020 Regional updated rules to all Regional hosts for 2020/21… they will not be taking any other bids for 2021. We can continue this year and have the qualifiers count for 2021 Nationals, with no Regional event in 2021. Or we can reschedule our Regional event for anytime up until the end of June 2021 for qualification to the 2021 Nationals.

We have thought long and hard about whether we should try to go later in the year 2020, but with so many unknowns, and the current thinking that this will last well into summer; and the additional challenge of folks having to tighten their belts financially, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the event until June 2021.

So we will be postponing the Regional event until a June 2021 weekend (subject to facility availability)

This will be a postponement and not a cancellation. We were well into organization of the event, and have already incurred a number of non-refundable expenses, so we would like to offer some incentives to folks who will just allow their entries to ride through to next year’s event, and do not pull:

  1. though the entry closing date will be extended into 2021 (for those who may have new dogs that they would like to enter next year) the early bird entry fee amount will be extended – BUT ONLY to April 17, 2020 (this year). So there will be no early bird entry rate for next year for anyone who enters after April 17, 2020 (this year)
  2. as the entries have not yet closed, anyone who wants a refund will get one asap, however there will be a $10 admin fee per dog for refunds, in order to ensure that we can cover some of the expenses that have been incurred for the 2020 event that cannot be pushed to next year
  3. if your order is refunded, then the shade tent spots or RV parking space that you booked will be released. Someone who subsequently uses the Entry Form will then be able to get it.
  4. we are already planning a limited entry agility event to be held on the same location, in the weekend prior to Regionals 2021. We are expecting this event to garner a lot of excitement and it will be limited entry. Anyone who has entered the 2021 Regionals before April 17, 2020 will be able to submit their entries a week in advance of the public opening date, for this additional event.

We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, us included. We are hoping that everyone stays well, and is able to take some time to ride this thing out. Then we hope we are all able to get back out and play in local events, gearing up to a Regional event in 2021 that you don’t have to worry about entering, because you already have! 🙂

If you are willing to just leave your entry as is, you don’t have to do anything, your entry is already in for 2021.

But, if you would like to request a refund:
– Log on and go to My Orders.
– You will see a “Request Refund” button there for each one.

All items in the order will be refunded.  After that, if you wish, to reorder anything, an easy way is to
– Log on and go to My Orders.
– You will see an “Order Again” button there for each one.
– then for each item in the order (e.g. each dog) you can click a red “X” to delete it or a green “Edit Order” to make changes.
– then you can check out and place the new, revised order.

Thanks for your patience as we all try to work our way through these very troubling times. And thanks so much to John, our web guru, who once again has stepped up and helped up make this as easy as possible for folks.

Be well everyone!

Dynamo Dogsports