Fastest Dog!

The Dynamo Regional Fastest Dog Competition pits top competitors in various classes and categories in a race against the clock for the title of Fastest dog and prize money! The amount of the prize money is determined by entries, so the more entries the more money is available to be won!

DSC_0290Entry into the final is determined by results from:

a) the qualifying Steeplechase Round on Friday
b) Nationals Rounds top YPS in Standard and JWW

These Finalists will be invited to compete in the FASTEST DOG FINAL on Sunday .

The competition is divided into six height categories, and 2-3 divisions (divisions may be combined depending on entries), and is scored on a time plus faults basis (faults are added to the performance time, with the fastest competitors awarded top prizes.)

More information on how to enter and how to qualify for the Final will be available in the Regionals Premium.