We are very happy to welcome these 3 wonderful judges to our 2020 Regional Dog Agility Championship event.


I live in Abbotsford British Columbia, very close to the Abbotsford airport. I currently run two dogs in agility. I train with coaches that compete at the International level.I love this sport. I enjoy the technical challenges, the athletic activity, the competition, the friends, and of course teaming up with my dog.

I started Agility in 1996. I have run dogs from 6” to 22”. I try to design fast and flowy courses with a variety of ‘handling opportunities’. I am taking the ‘Of Course’ design class taught by top designers in Europe. 

No matter the outcome of the run, I hope I see you running hard, smiling large, laughing loud, and praising your dog. 



 I am honoured to have been asked to judge the 2020 Alberta / Northwest Territories Regionals in Edmonton, AB. I have been lucky enough to be around in the dog world for over 20 years, competing  in Obedience, Conformation, Terrier Trials, Flyball and Agility.

I have trained many different breeds of dogs, from big to small, and have been privileged enough to teach and compete all over the world. With my courses, I strive to create a nice open flow with safe challenges.

I have enjoyed being a AAC/UKI judge for the last few years, but this will be my first time judging a Regional event.  I am excited to watch every single dog and handler to step to the line, and demonstrate the teamwork between dogs and handlers.



Paula began competing with dogs in the 80’s with her Belgian Tervurens, followed by smaller mixed breed rescues and now is training her Border Collie puppy. Paula has competed and titled in AAC, UKI, USDAA and NADAC agility, APDT Rally-O, CARO Rally-O, Scent Hurdle, CKC Obedience and Flyball. As well as participating with one of her Belgians in the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. Paula is the multiyear Manager of the WAO (World Agility Open) Team Canada. 

Recently Paula has completed the Global Judging Level 2 Assessment program and earned the status of Affiliate Judge in the Global Judging Program. This is an International program to accredit Agility Judges to the highest level available in the world. This program focuses on elements such as Safety, Course Design, Judges Path, Accurate Calls and more. At this time there are only 4 Agility judges in Canada that have received accreditation with the Global Judging Program. 

Paula is a member of the AAC JSAC (Judges Standing Advisory Committee) and is participating in projects to increase the level of education available to judges.


  • Multiple years AAC Regional Champion and podium placements.
  • Multiple years AAC National Podium placement.
  • Multiple UKI Cup placements and UKI National Podium Placements.
  • First 2 dogs in Canada to obtain the highest titles in APDT Rally-O.
  • CARO Rally-O Excellent with Magnum Cum Lada designation.
  • Global Judging Program Affiliate Judge
  • AAC Masters Judge
  • AAC Masters Judge
  •  Judge at the US UKI Open 2019