Bernadette van Klaveren

Nanaimo, BC
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From the 2013 Nationals:

It is an honor and a great pleasure to be invited again to judge the AAC National Agility Championships. Since 2013 is a milestone in the AAC history, we have been asked to write about our involvement with AAC over the years.

My agility addiction was created by one of my dogs. My old English sheep dog Pandemonium and I watched an agility demonstration 22 years ago at an SPCA event in Nanaimo BC. After the event was over, we were invited to let our dogs try some of the equipment. Panda showed such great enthusiasm that we immediately enrolled in classes. Since the classes were very loosely organized and I wanted more knowledge about the sport, the only information available was through an AAC judges clinic. I took the clinic, did the exam, and the rest is history. Over the years I have traveled extensively in Canada and abroad to judge local, Regional and National events and truly enjoyed meeting so many people that share our passion for the sport of agility and AAC in particular.

I’ve had the pleasure of organizing two AAC Regionals and an AAC National Championship event, we have organized local AAC trails for the past 20 years trough DAWG and I had the pleasure of competing with five Bernese Mountain dogs and one OESD. Above all the biggest thrill for me is assisting and coaching others in achieving their goal in becoming AAC judges or training their dogs to the highest competitive level achievable.

Knowing first hand what great dedication and preparation it takes to compete successfully, I want to congratulate all that attend the AAC nationals competitions, I hope to be able to make new friends and meet up with old ones, sharing in the love of the sport of agility, and dogs in general. Looking forward to seeing you all on course!