Carolyn Dockrill

Mount Uniacke / Co, NS
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AAC Course Approver
AAC Examining Judge

From the 2013 Nationals:

Back in the day…… In the beginning, AAC was actually ADAC – Agility Dog Association of Canada – my first two dogs had 3 digit ID numbers… my current competitors have 5 digit numbers.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the last 25 years, all for the better. Back then my dogs had to jump 30,” scale a 6’3? AFrame, the crossover was a required piece of equipment and weave poles could be as close as 18,”. Handlers had to track their dogs’ Q’s, now, thanks to Barb and Jon, it’s all done for us. Back in the day, there were no Nationals, now AAC has dedicated Nationals equipment.

Back in the day, there were no handling “systems”….today we have the luxury of deciding to buy into a system….or heaven forbid, take what works best for our own dogs from multiple systems. So much education is available that handling doesn’t resemble anything like it was 25 years ago.

What has remained constant is the love of the game and the spirit of camaraderie.

I’m thrilled to be on the Judges’ Team for 2013’s Nationals and wish you good luck…and good FUN!