Case Laan

Ridge, BC
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From the 2013 Nationals

I have been happily involved in the sport of agility since 1991. I began agility training with my dog as a prelude to search and rescue work, and enjoyed it so much I never left! I began judging in 1996 as an opportunity to learn more about agility and to meet more dog/handler teams. I judge at all levels of both AAC and CKC agility and have been able to travel all across Canada, meeting many wonderful people in this sport.

My most memorable moments in agility include competing and placing second with my Tervuren, Neeka, at the first AAC Nationals held in 2001 at Spruce Meadows, Alberta, as well as running with my Sheltie, Storm, with the first and second teams to represent Canada at the FCI World Championships in 2003 & 2004.

When designing courses, I like to develop a course that offers a nice flow, and then the challenges arise from the speed that the team can acquire on the course. The ultimate pleasure when I judge is to be able to watch a team run a fast course with communication and unison.

Enjoy these moments with your K9 partner and create many memorable moments together.

Best wishes to you all, Case Laan