Christina Sanders

Sherwood Park, AB
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UKI Review Passed

From a BC Regional event:

I am excited beyond belief to come back home to the Lower Mainland & judge the BC/YK 2018 Regional Championships.

For 30 years I have competed successfully in a multitude of dog sports (schutzhund, obedience/rally, flyball, scent hurdling) where my dogs & I have earned way too many titles while having way too much fun. It was my BC, Abbi, that started me on this marvellous adventure involving weaves & tunnels back in 2003. It was she who took me across Alberta & Canada to Regionals & Nationals year after year, stood by my side on multiple podiums, & eventually enabled me to cross the ocean to my first WAC (FCI in 2009). It was also she who opened the door for me to become an AAC judge back in 2007 after her cruciate injury, a blessing in disguise.

After Abbi came my Papillons, Rhyval & now Quasi(modo), who taught me even more about handling & gave me a greater appreciation for course design after competing on both extremes of the spectrum. Because of my 3 amazing dogs I have been exceptionally proud to have been asked to represent Canada 12 times now between the 3 World Championships (ultimately earning 5 medals). Because of them we have won the AAC Nationals, AB/NWT Regionals, & Steeplechase Finals numerous times over the past 12 years. I have truly been blessed to have such wonderful furry teachers and thusly have shared their wisdom via coaching others for OC Agility since 2009.

G’Luck to everyone who steps to the line at Regionals this year. May the agility gods bring good weather, fun courses, clean runs, and joy in your heart as you run beside your furry partner.