Claude Boisvert

Blainville, QC
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From a BC Regional event:

Claude Boisvert Started Agility with his German Sheppard “VESTA” in 1998. Became dog trainer with Guides Canins (julie Sansregrets) not long after. After experiencing and training many disciplines (obedience, ski-joring, tricks, agility, fly-ball, Frisbee…) decided to invest more time into Agility and Frisbee. Became Agility and Frisbee judge 15 years ago and been competing with 4 dogs since, mostly Border collies.

“Back in the days, participants thought my courses were very challenging. I wanted them to train and get the better out of their runs. Today, handling has evolved so much that most challenges are managed very well by participants. A nice fast and well handled run still gives me goosebumps every time. I love to see the complicity between the handler and the dog. I just LOVE agility.”
“I wish BONNE CHANCE to everybody for the Regional