Darr Houssen

Mountain, NB
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UKI Review Passed

From an Ontario Regional event:

I’d like to start off by thanking Gloria for inviting me to be one of the judges for this 2018 regional championship. I am honored to be entrusted with this wonderful event.

A bit of history on my involvement in the AAC agility organization. I was one of the founders of the first Maritime dog enthusiasts group to put together an official AAC agility dog club together called F.A.M.E. (Flyball Agility Maritime Express). That was way back in the beginning years of the AAC. Things have sure evolved and developed since those early years….our first jumps were wooden, our weave poles were plastic buckets, filled with cement with a broom handle sticking out of the center of each bucket. Our tunnels were feed sacks sewn together with heavy twine. Now that is dating me isn’t it….haha. Our group still laughs about the primitive start-up gear.

Personally, I am on my 3rd fleet (group) of dogs at present time. The first group included 2 border collies and a pomeranian. The next generation was an aussie, another border collie, a lab x and the same pom as in the first group. At present, I’m running 2 border collies, 2 aussies and a shorkie. And there is a rookie ( a chi-weeni named “Slick”) in training for next season. I guess you can tell that I’m hooked on this amazing sport and the fun and accomplishments it brings. There are incredible highs when my goals are met and opportunities to learn when things go a muck. All in all, enjoying time with my dogs is still the number one goal in all that I do with this sport. From the practice field to regular trials to running in a nationals event, I love seeing them performing a new skill, developing confidence and “like” what they are doing and of course having fun with me.

Besides competing, I have had the honor of chairing the AAC Nationals in 2008 and then co-chairing the 2014 Nationals, both in beautiful Sussex, NB. Our committees completely loved the projects and had a blast putting them together. Along the journey from the early 90’s to present, I’ve judged several trials from Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta to Halifax, NS. Loved every moment of it and love seeing the talent across this big country.

Whatever your goals are for this competition, remember the thrill of playing an amazing game with your best bud, and for your dog, success means that you are happy from start to finish and he/she got to spend some really fun time with “you”. “GOOD LUCK” to everyone competing. May all your goals be accomplished and “enjoy the ride” first and foremost.