Julie Sansregret

Saint-Lazare, QC
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From the 2017 National site:

I feel privileged, honored and excited to be selected as one of the judges for the 2017 National Agility Championships being hosted in beautiful British Columbia.

I was introduced to Agility over 20 years ago when my first obedience trainer suggested I try agility since my unmanageable Vizsla pup was a bit disturbing in class… Jacob, (ATChC, Bronze Award of Merit, Chukar’s Jacob Dan’s Pick, CD, AgX, OAC, NJC, NGC, CGC, CCGC, TT, RPT, UCC, AAC # 3137, 1994-2008 ) really taught me about teamwork and perseverance! Our first agility classes were uncontrolled. I spent most of my time running after him and trying to catch him flying off 6’3” frames and over 30” jumps! Then came Kiva (LifeTime Achievement Award, Kivalo Kiva Elso Kihivas, CGN, AGMXV, AGCJV, RPT, DD, AAC # 9249). Kiva, my amazing once in a lifetime agility partner with a big heart and a dogged determination to work and to please, is now retired. I am now running Ivie (UKC BIS, RBIS, Ch, Can Ch, ATChC Vihar E.V. Ketto Kihivas, CGN, CD, RN, AgI, AgIJ RPT, AAC # 21197). Ivie is my breeding Foundation Bitch under my Kennel name Kihivas. She is the perfect Vizsla and a great partner, always happy whether she is working, running or chilling. I am also training her daughter Curry (FCC BJrIS, JrCh Kihivas Spice of Life, RPT), enjoying the beginning of building a working relationship and partnership.

I graduated from a Veterinary Technician program in 1991. I’ve been teaching agility since 1995 and I am the owner and head trainer of GUIDES CANINS, a busy canine sports center offering training classes, guided practices, workshops, and conferences on various dog sports. Its services also include a boutique, hall rentals, walking trails, boarding, and grooming services. We host 5 agility trials a year. GUIDES CANINS is very active in organizing activities to enable humans and their best friends to spend quality time together and thus to improve and maintain their relationship.

I have been judging since 2001 having the opportunity to witness the evolution of our sport and great performing teams!

Happy training! Run Fast, be there for your partner. Have fun and enjoy every moment of this huge agility celebration with your 2 & 4 legged friends!

Julie Sansregret