Roger Perron

Kelowna, BC
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UKI Review Passed

From the 2017 Nationals:

It really is a thrill and an honour to be asked to judge the 2017 Nationals. I’ve been involved in agility for about 14 yrs and a judge for the last 7. I’m a recently retired CFO so I also have the time to dabble in the volunteer administration side of the sport. I’ve been the Regional Director for BC Mainland/Yukon for the last 4 years and now the recently acclaimed Association Treasurer (no one else ran!).

I enjoy the diversity of agility but my biggest interest is in the area of handling and course design. I attend a lot of seminars from proponents of many different styles so that I can keep course design fresh and current. Learning new things has always been a passion of mine. My courses almost always have at least one technical section that can be handled many different ways (at least when I’m successful!) and they are typically quite long.

I judge for AAC, CKC and UKI and am pretty busy during the agility season. My canine partner, Bandit, has to deal with the lack of practice but we’ve managed to reach many of our competition ATChC and post AtchC goals. We also reached the Nationals podium in 16” Regulars with our biggest strength being Gamblers. Bandit is a Berger Des Pyrenees (Pyr Shep) and is quite a bit different from my first agility partner, a GSD.

I really enjoy judging and competing at the Thunderbird site. It is so dog and handler friendly and the footing is just excellent. Hopefully we can end up with good weather so your runs are just like you’ve been practicing; fast and clean.

When I’m not judging or competing, I teach regular classes at the Central Okanagan Dog Agility Club (CODAC) in Kelowna, BC. We’re a fairly large (90 members or so) teaching club with upwards of 15 instructors putting on some 15 plus classes a week at our own leased facility. My wife Lorraine was a founding member of the club and dragged me into the sport to move equipment, I think. Probably the best part of teaching is watching teams develop and grow and then get way better than you are. That happens quite a bit at our place!

So dogs take up a fair portion of my life but I enjoy the journey. Hopefully your experiences this year will create many meaningful memories as you travel your journey.

Roger Perron, MBA