Roger Pierre Cote

Ormstown, QC
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From 2013 Nationals site:

I have started seriously with dog training in 1990 with a German Shepherd named Flow, doing obedience we quickly came to the point were the dog was able to do the routine alone, we were looking for more activity to do with the dog, after some research and seeing a report on Agility from England, i got interested in that new sport to do with dogs. That is were I got involved in Agility in 1992.

In those years, we found only one book ( from France ) talking on Agility, there was no internet and books on Agility were almost non existant… So we started with that book, building equipement and starting training, those were the years that doing Agility was only running with your dog on the left. In 1993 we meet some friends comming from west and from the Maritime that were aweare of the AAC, the new Canadian thing on Agility, in Québec there was only one club doing Agility.

I got involved in creating a couple of new club in the Montréal region, and a bit later got involved to help others in starting new clubs across the province, now we have over 15 clubs across Québec and have trial almost every week end, and even smaller trial on week night.

I got involved in Judging in 1998, since then i have been Judging across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. Now Agility is avalable with hundreds of books and you can find almost everything on the internet…. Still involved in training and Judging Agility became almost a religion in our house, my wife Lucie Dessureault got hook with all dogs sports in 1994, and i might say, she is doing a lot better then me in training and handling dogs than me.

Now in 2013, the house, the cars, vacation, spare time and everithing in our life is in relation with dogs sports, we have at home 5 dogs, 1 Belgian Tervuren ( C-4) and 2 Shelties ( Nitro and Scud ), and 2 Border (Suka and Ima ) i was trying to limit Lucie to 3 dogs, Now we have 5 !!!!

Our life now is Agility and any dogs sport, Obedience, Skijoring, Sleeding, Rally-O, Water Jumping, anything that involves our dogs.