Yanick Villeneuve

Les Cedres, QC
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UKI Review Passed

Awarded Global Judging Affiliate Status on March 27 2019

Have been involved in agility since 2002 altough my first run was only in 2006.

Have been a Disc dog Judge (CDDA) since 2010.

Became AAC Starters/Advanced Judge in 2016.

Became AAC Master Judge in 2018.

I own Nova Scotia Duck Tollling Retrievers but I try to think about all dogs when I make my courses.

Attended GJP at Guides Canins in 2018.

Registered for Tamas Traj course design class this spring

I think I am fair on cost to clubs when having to travel, if I can drive I’ll drive, but I am also fine with Flying or other, I travel quite often for work.

I might travel with my dog if driving and not an issue with club.

I never had to charge kenneling fees, I usually have friends take care of my dog when away.

I very rarely run my dog at a trial I judge but it happened before.

I strongly believe that every person gets something different out of agility, but I really believe that agility is a team effort and that nobody should be pissed for not getting a Q, wether it’s the dog or human fault, getting out with a smile and a positive attitude is what agility is all about for me! I hope I am able to show that even when judging, I try to be concentrated and be at the right place at the right time to make the right call and will not call a fault if I’m not 100% sure of my call. But on the other hand I also LOVE to smile and have fun between run or between classes. Never hesitate to tell me a good joke!