Canadian Classic BlackJack

049bThe purpose of Blackjack is to demonstrate the dog and handler’s ability to work together  and strategize a path to obtain 21 Points in the fastest time.

Accumulating more than 21 points disqualifies the team.

For Games Triathlon point accumulation, the dog will earn the number of points that they accumulated in the round (as long as it is not over 21 and they were not eliminated) and IF THEY HAVE EARNED EXACTLY 21 in the round, they will also earn bonus points for every full second that they are under the 40 second course time.

HIGHEST score (Points + Time Bonus) will determine the WINNER of the BLACKJACK award for each HEIGHT and DIVISION(Open/International)

In the Blackjack game the obstacles will be set in random order on the course.  Obstacles may consist of any combination of Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter, Weave Poles (6 or 12), Tire, Tunnel,  and Jumps.  There must be one 3 point, one 4 point, and one 5 point obstacle / jump sequence on course.

The Judge will determine the value of obstacles based on the following options..

Blackjack Obstacle Points Options (determined by the Judge)
Points Obstacle
1 point Single Jumps / Tunnels
2 points Tunnels /  Tire / 2 Jump Sequence / Spread Jumps
3 points Tire / Chute / 2 Jump Sequence / Frame / 6 Weave poles
4 points Frame / Dogwalk / Teeter / 3 Jump Sequence
5 points 12 Weave Poles / Dogwalk / Teeter / 3 Jump Sequence

The dog and handler will have 40 seconds to try to accumulate as close to 21 points as possible WITHOUT going over.

There will be a start jump OR tunnel on one side of the course to start the time.  This start jump will be set at 6 inches for all dogs.  This must be attempted as the first obstacle, but DOES NOT HAVE ANY POINT VALUE.  There is no fault for knocking the start obstacle.  Subequent obstacle order is the handler’s choice.

No two contact obstacles may be taken back to back.  ie dw to teeter

No obstacle may be taken more that once for points.

There will be a finish jump in the middle of the course to stop the time.  This finish jump will be set at 6 inches for all dogs.  The finish jump  may be performed in eithor direction and this finish jump DOES NOT HAVE ANY POINT VALUE.  There is no fault for knocking the finish jump.

When the handler has accumulated 21 points, or as close to that as they can, they must perform the finish jump to stop the time.

If a dog performs the finish jump at any time during their run, scoring and their time will stop.  They will keep points accumulated up to that point.

There will be a maximum course time of 40 seconds.  If a dog / handler team have not completed their run within 40 seconds they will be eliminated and dismissed, AND WILL NOT KEEP THEIR POINTS!

If the dog faults on any obstacle the judge will immediately signal the fault verbally so the handler will recognize that they have not attained points for that performance.  If an obstacle is faulted it can not be reattempted.