Canadian Classic
3 Dog Relay

poodle2ONLY the top placing teams from the Agility and Jumping rounds, plus  a % of other teams based on results from the 1st two rounds, will be eligible to compete in the 3 Dog Relay.

Scores from the Agility and Jumping rounds will be used ONLY to determine qualification into 3 Dog Relay event.

GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE in the team event will be determined by results from only the 3 Dog Relay.

The purpose of the 3 Dog Relay class is to demonstrate that three dog’s and handlers can work together to navigate a course, and strategize to maximize their dogs’ potential for success.

Each three dog team MUST consist of at least one Mini dog  (not a Maxi dog running Mini height) or they will be assessed a 5 second handicap.

12”/16” dogs will jump 12” and 22”/26” dogs will jump 22”.

The Course will consist of two sections, A and B. Each team will choose two dogs to run section A and one dog to run section B. The course will run as follows, Section A, Section B, Section A. The two dogs of the same height category must run section A (12”/16” OR 22”/26”), and the dog from the other category must run section B.

Dogs from the same team will line up in their respective boxes at the beginning of the run. Dog A’s handler will carry a baton and navigate their section, after which they will enter Dog B’s Box to pass the Baton to handler B. Dog B will then run their course, and enter Dog C’s box to pass the Baton to handler C. Dog C will then run section A.

There will be one cumulative time for all three dogs on a team. (Time does not stop between team dogs)


A-Frame, Teeter, DogWalk, Flexible Tunnel, Tire, Weave Poles (6 or 12), Single Jumps (1 Bar) wing or non wing

In addition, Team courses WILL contain a minimum of 2 of the following: Broad Jump, Double Jump, Ascending Spread, Wall Jump

All standard faults apply.

In addition, the following Team faults will be applied:

  • Dog/Handler not remaining in box when another dog is running = 5 faults
  • Not having 12 feet in box during exchange (2 dogs / 2 handlers) = 5 faults
  • Handler dropping Baton = 5 faults
  • Team member leaving ring before all three dogs have run = 5 faults