Canadian Classic
3 Dog Team Agility

DSC_0111Each three dog team MUST consist of at least one Mini dog  (not a Maxi dog running Mini height) or they will be assessed a 5 second handicap.

In 3 DOG TEAM Agility a numbered course will be set by the judge, and the dog must complete the course as quickly and fault free as possible.

In 3 DOG TEAM Agility, time + faults of the 3 dogs on the team will be combined for a total score.

Lowest score of the 3 combined team dogs will determine the WINNER of the 3 DOGTEAM AGILITY award.


1st Dogs time 24.56 2nd Dogs time 28.03 3rd Dogs time 45.10
0 Faults + 0 seconds + 1 Knocked Bar 5 seconds + 2 Off Course 10 seconds
Total Dog Time 24.56 Total Dog Time 33.03 Total Dog Time 55.10

There will be a maximum course time of 90 seconds per dog.

If a dog / handler team have not completed their run within 90 seconds they will be eliminated and dismissed.

Eliminated dogs will received a time of 100 seconds.


A-Frame, Teeter, DogWalk, Flexible Tunnel, Tire,
Weave Poles (6 or 12), Single Jumps (1 Bar) wing or non wing

In addition, Agility courses MAY contain the following:
Broad Jump, Double Jump, Ascending Spread, Wall Jump,
Table (position-less)

There will be NO Ascending Spread
(not allowed in European courses)


    • Refusal = 0 faults;
    • Popped poles = 0 faults;
      (must be restarted and completed from beginning or will incur a non completion fault)
    • Knocking Broad Jump marker poles = 0 faults;
    • Missed down contact = 5 faults;
    • Unsafe entrance to teeter or dogwalk (coming on from the side above the contact)= 5 faults;
    • Off course = 5 faults;
    • Knocked bar/board/stepping on or between Broad Jump = 5 faults;
    • Jumping between tire and tire frame = 5 faults; (must retry and perform successfully or will incur a non completion fault)
    • Breaking the tire = 5 faults
    • On and off Table before 5 count is complete = 5 faults; (must retry and perform successfully or will incur a non completion fault)
    • Unsafe execution = 5 faults;
    • Handler Physically Assisting Dog = 20 faults;
    • Non Completion = 20 faults;
    • Harsh handling of dog (Verbal or Physical) = Warning / 5 faults / Elimination (depending on severity)
    • Dog aggression (toward handler / judge / other dogs / other people) = Warning / 5 faults / Elimination (depending on severity)