Triathlon / Biathlon Jumping

DSC_0045In Jumping, a numbered course will be set by the judge, and the dog must complete the course as quickly and fault free as possible.

In Jumping, time plus faults will determine the score.

Lowest score will determine the WINNER of the TRIATHLON / BIATHLON JUMPING award for each height category (Mini/Maxi) and Division (Open/International)


Dogs time 24.56 seconds
+ 1 Off Course 5 seconds
Total Dog Time 29.56 seconds

There will be a maximum course time of 60 seconds (not including faults). If a dog / handler team have not completed their run within 60 seconds they will be eliminated and dismissed.

Eliminated dogs will received a time of 100 seconds.

Flexible Tunnel, Tire, Single Jumps (1 Bar) wing or non-wing, Weave Poles (6 or 12)

In addition, Jumping courses MAY contain:
Broad Jump, Double Jump, Wall Jump

There will be NO Ascending Spread
(not allowed in European FCI courses)


  • Refusal = 0 faults;
  • Popped poles = 0 faults;
    (must be restarted and completed from beginning or will incur a non completion fault)
  • Knocking Broad Jump marker poles = 0 faults;
  • Off course = 5 faults;
  • Knocked bar / board / stepping or between Broad Jump boards = 5 faults;
  • Jumping between Tire and Tire frame = 5 faults  (must retry and perform successfully or will incur a non completion fault
  • Breaking the tire = 5 faults
  • Unsafe execution = 10 faults
  • Handler Physically Assisting Dog = 20 faults;
  • Non Completion = 20 faults;
  • Harsh handling of dog (Verbal or Physical) = Warning / 5 faults / Elimination (depending on severity);
  • Dog aggression (toward handler / judge / other dogs / other people) = Warning / 5 faults / Elimination (depending on severity)