Triathlon Speedstakes HEAD TO HEAD FINAL


In TRIATHLON, the scores (TIME + FAULTS) from the first two rounds (Agility and Jumping)will be combined to determine who will advance to the  SPEEDSTAKES HEAD TO HEAD FINALS as follows:

  • The top dog in each division will advance to the finals as follows:
    • International Maxi Division – 8 dogs
    • International Mini Division – 4 dogs
    • Open Maxi Division – 4 dogs
    • Open Mini Division – 4 dogs

The dogs that advance to the FINAL will run in head to head competition with another dog from their division. Format is a Single Elimination Final, with the losers from the semi final competing for 3-4 and the winners competing for 1-2.

Competitors for the 1st round will be determined by a random draw of the Finalists.

In each race, dogs will start on opposite sides of the course and run once around the course.   Unless faulted, first dog back to their starting position will win.  If faulted, time plus faults will determine the winner.

Faults will be added to the race time, and calculated prior to a winner being announced. Faults are calculated as follows:

  • Early start = + 2 seconds;
  • Refusal = 0 faults;
  • Popped poles = 0 faults;
    (must be restarted and completed from beginning or will incur a non completion fault + 6 seconds)
  • Knocking Broad Jump marker poles = 0 faults;
  • Off course = 0 faults;
    (must get back on course without missing any obstacles or will incur a non completion fault + 6 seconds)
  • Knocked bar / board / stepping or between Broad Jump boards = plus 2 seconds;
  • Handler Physically Assisting Dog = plus 6 seconds;
  • Non Completion = plus 6 seconds;
  • Harsh handling of dog (Verbal or Physical) = Warning / plus 2-6 seconds (depending on severity);
  • Dog aggression (toward handler / judge / other dogs / other people) = Warning / plus 2-6 seconds (depending on severity)
  • Elimination = plus 6 seconds


Flexible Tunnel, Single Jumps (wing or non wing), Wall Jump, Broad Jump, A-Frame, Dogwalk