2nd day in France

Today started with a visit to Vimy Ridge, which was sad but educational.  The bus offloaded the Canadians and they started to explore the tourist area, but Teri discovered that there were tunnels under the whole area, which is where the real stories were, but they could only be visited on an official tour, and the next scheduled tour was not for 2.5 hours.  So we were sad, and Teri told them that was all she had really come all the way from Canada to see :-), and they finally relented and said if there were only 3-4 people we could join the tour just starting on the far side of the tourist area.  So we ran to join the tour in progress, just headed down into the bowels of the tunnels.  Teri yelled for Justine across the way, and with Justine came first two members of the team, then four, then six, until everyone was present.  So a tour that was supposed to have a maximum of 8 people had about 20 :-).  But the tour guide kept in good humour and we all got to enjoy the informative tour of the tunnels under Vimy Ridge, and the descriptions of life in the war, and explanation of the Canadian contribution and why the Vimy Ridge memorial was created.

Then we stopped by the arena, and those Canadian team members who came along on the bus were able to check out the space, the seating, the tunnel, the lighting, and the atmosphere.  It was still pretty empty, and the guys setting up were still putting lights up, but still, the excitment to come was almost palpable.

Next on to shoe shopping.  For this we grabbed Teri off the bus and headed to downtown Arras.  We looked around there for a while, but couldn't find anything appropriate for competition (even though this time we recruited 6-7 teenagers to lead us to a sporting goods store).  But no luck so we came back to the mall beside our hotel, and luckily found and Interplay Sports store right beside the mall.  She found the right pair prety quickly, so she is ready for competition now!

Finally back to Teri's hotel (team hotel) where we enjoyed an excellent supper with the team, and got a first hand look at their new shirts, with lots of Canadianism in the design, AND a graphic of every dog on the team, and the team members name on the back.  They were awesome and I am sure the team members will wear them with a lot of pride.

Tomorrow the dogs finally get to play, as we are off to an early Canadian team practice, then off to the Marketplace in Arras.  Should be fun!