AAC agility trial

We went to an agility trial yeserday, Sunday May 1 2011. My mom sais I did so well! Well her parents weren't there to distract me, so I actually finished all my courses! I jumped off the table for the first time ever, I geuss mom wasn't too proud of that, but she didn't give me a very good slowing signal, even she knows that. We had Tonnes of fun! Mom sais our last, and hardest run, Steeplchase, was our best.(I Agree!) She took me out for a nice refreshing walk after that! then while they were packing up all the agility stuff, I got to run around in the empty arena for a while. We had to ride there and back in a strange vehicle though! But I was okay because mom was right there, and she would pet me lots, and i wasn't in my crate! 🙂 Mom just told me she will uplaod some videos soon, and hopefully will make some of practicing in our yard! by for now!