Being Optimistic

Um, so my mum and I were at the drop in training last night. I had lots of energy to burn. I was all happy and tail wagging. I even offered a 26 inch jump by myself, which is amazing for me. My breed would imply that I'm a natural jumper (get it, SPRINGER spaniel), but the actual truth is I'm pretty much married to the floor.

On Wednesdays, part of our training routine is to practice those weave poles. It never fails, Seanna always has better treats than my mum and each time she is so kind to share her stash. Yum! Beef hearts last night 🙂 Thanks Seanna.

So anyhow, we started with the weaves in an easy position, and I was doing pretty good. But then these really loud dogs came in. Very small dogs. Very loud barks. Isn't that how it goes?! So mum thought it would be great "distraction training" for me, but OMG people. I nearly lost my little mind. That just got my ADHD way up there. Like skyrocketing into the stratosphere.

I proceeded to jump around, in and out of weaves, and basically became an excitable mess. Keeping calm and focused at that point was like herding cats. Impossible. (Although I would REALLY like to herd cats one day).

So the point of the story is that my mum was getting VERY frustrated. Barking dogs, disobedient spaniel, beef hearts smeared in her hands. She had about ENOUGH.

Mum. Step away from the weave poles.

So sometimes when things aren't going as planned, we find it's best not to push it too hard. I get grumpy. My mum's blood pressure increases (NOT good) and nobody is having fun anymore. So instead, it's time to take it down a notch, do a step we can both be more successful at, and then go on to something else for the day.

So she adjusted the weaves ever so slightly, and I totally got what she was asking for. I weaved. Beef hearts were exchanged. And we were both happier.

Sometimes being optimistic means being grateful for what we already have instead of focusing on what we don't.