Canada has some good TEAM RUNS at the FCI Worlds

Today was the day of 5 runs at the FCI World Championships, so lots of opportunities for greatness, and an equal number of opportunities to crash and burn.

Up first for Canada was our Medium Team running the Team Agility course.  It was a very tight technical course, a far cry from the fast flowing courses that frequently grace the Medium Team ring, and the time was VERY tight.  Only a handful of the dogs were able to run under course time, even when they had no faults and a fairly flowy course, so it was evident that the course would be a challenge.

 First up were Nikki and Ninja.  They were on track for a great run and good time when Nikki got a little too up close and personal with a jump, knocked it down and earned an elimination.  When they say it is always the handler they were definitely right in this case J

Next up was Scud with Lucy.  At about the midpoint Scud came up to the teeter, run up to just past the mid point, and came off the side when the teeter started to tip.  Lucy put her back on and incurred an off course for repeating it.

Finally Teri and Cypher were up.  They had to wait a long time for their turn because Lucy had also run into the timing lights on the way out of the ring, so they had to be reset.  But the wait didn’t seem to bother them as they looked cool and collected at the start line.  Teri ran cautiously through the technical sequences and made sure she got her dogwalk, but at the end she tried to send Cypher around behind her and he did not quite get the message, so he came to her front and she ended up handling the last technical sequence with a lot of lateral and a few extra crosses to save the run.  So she did save it, and pulled out, almost clear ... only 1.5 seconds over time.

Next up were the Large Team dogs for their Team Jumpers run.  This course was very different from the Medium course and looked more like a fast Steeplechase course with a couple of backside obstacles and no Frame.  There were going to be a lot of qualifiers on this course, so it was imperative that  the Canadians pour it on!

Adrian was up first, and did just that, with a great fast, smooth performance to run clean and fast.  Fred followed in his footsteps and also had great tight flowing lines, and was on the last flowing line of jumps when Fred backed right into a jump and knocked it over – like Nikki incurring an E.

Feature was up last and on a long lead-out to a line of jumps Feature went around the forth jump to incur both a refusal and eventually 1/2 second time fault.

Next up were our small dogs.  Suzanne had pulled a muscle on Friday, and our team was not in the running for any sort of team placement, so she pulled out of team on Saturday to rest herself for the Sunday individual run.  So our Small team was only two dogs in the Jumpers round.

Both Dice and Briggs ran beautiful, smooth, flowing courses. Both ran clean, and both ran almost the same time, with Briggs edging Dice out only slightly.  Of course the two eliminations previously had put them  out of the running, but it was nice to end that team on such a great note.

Medium Team Jumping was up next.  Again Ninja was clean and quick, and this time Nikki left all the bars up too.

Cypher had one bar down and was again slightly over time, and Scud had an off course after a tricky technical section.   But they were just running for fun anyway.

Large Team was also not in the running, but hoped to pull out another couple of cleans.  The course was quite technical, although there were places to pour it on as well.

First up was Fizz, who had a refusal on the 3rd tunnel, missed a dogwalk contact, and came down on top of the double, costing him an additional 1.87 over time.

Next was Tanafon with Fred.  Once again the equipment got in the way of what could have been a great run; this time it was Tanafon who landed deep after a jump, and slid right into the broad jump incurring that dreaded E.

Last up was Feature, who ran clean and fast, on the VERY technical course.  A great way to end the day for the Canadians.  Tomorrow on to the finals in the Indvidual event.