AAC Lifetime Achievement Award For Dart

Major Congratulations are in order for Dart and Seanna!

After a clean Masters Standard run at the Dynamo Dogsports Trial on March 18, 2012, the beautiful sheltie, Dart, attained her AAC Lifetime Achievement status. It's now official per the AAC records site .

So proud of my little Dart. A four time member of Canada's FCI World Agility team, 2 time representative at the Eukanuba Invitational, 7 time Regional and 2 time National Champion, with much of her career running at 16" Regular, this 12.5" Sheltie has crowned off her Agility career with an AAC Lifetime Award. She has been so much fun to run and has been truly a once in a lifetime dog. So brazen, so competitive, and so full of herself, she has been my friend, my agility partner, and an inspiration to me for 12 years.

Seanna O'Neill