Great things can come from unexpected places
Name: Chips Born: June 20, 2014
Height: 13.5"
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Owner: Seanna O'Neill

We had imported POSH, our Parson Russell Terrier from Slovenia, as a potential girlfriend for BECKHAM, our Canadian Parson Russell boy. Imagine our surprise when our young Shetland Sheepdog EXCEL decided that he had other ideas, and took matters into his own hands.  The result was two Parson Russell / Sheltie pups known fondly as "Fish" (now owned by Stacy Perdot-Goudy in the US) and our own "Chips".

With both parents having exceptional structure and drive it is no wonder that Chips shows a natural affinity for dogsports. He is quick to learn, agile, enthusiastic, and likes to go FAST just cause he can.  Lots of fun to work with, and his antics are a perpetual source of amusement.

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