Crocodile Crunch

Crocodile Crunch
Name: Crocodile Crunch
Registered Name: Khirugai Crocodile Crunching Lunacy
Breed: Cattle dog x JRT
Born: October 20, 2013
Height: 13.75"
Color: red and white specked
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
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Owner: Kirstin O'Neill

Crocodile Crunch was a total accident. Left over from a horse auction where no one wanted her, she found her way into my life. Originally only as a foster, until a perfect home could be found- It turned out I was the perfect home, and crunchie stayed. Crunch is the craziest, and most sensitive dog I have even owned. Never have I seen a dog learn things or absorb from those around her. It has so many upsides as well as several down sides.

in agility I have no doubt that crunch will be a very hard dog to beat- one day. She is insanely fast with amazing running contacts, just needs more confidence and focus, which will come with time. Flyball is still being worked on, but she is showing exceptional promise, in only a couple of tourneys she is running 4.3 over her own height with ease and plenty of room for improvement. Crunch is also learning disc and will hopefully be debuting 2016.

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