Life’s Motto: Eat First, Ask Questions Later
Name: Finnegan
Registered Name: Shore’s Finnegan
Born: October 24, 2005
Height: 19"
Color: Liver & White
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
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Owner: Lori Rossi

Finnegan is a funny English Springer Spaniel whose antics keep people guessing about what goes on in the mind of a dog. Finnegan is originally from New Brunswick and came to Edmonton at a young age to be a show dog. When he realized that he'd have to behave in the ring instead of offering up his belly to the judges, it was decided that he needed a pet home more than a pedigree. Luckily fate intervened and he came to live with his current human parents. They can no longer remember what life was like before having a dog. Finnegan thinks that's a good thing!

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