Sweet and Stubborn
Name: Flipp
Registered Name: Power Tripp's Head Over Heels
Breed: Border Collie
Born: October 18, 2017
Height: Growing"
Color: Black and White
Sex: Female

Owner: Amanda Fonos

June 2020

Hello again everyone! It’s me – and I’m back – but only just for a second. I can’t waste time sitting still typing. I gotta go!

My person says that I’m just starting to mature on the agility field. I don’t know what she is talking about. I think it may have to do with the fact that sometimes there is a tunnel in the distance that I just GOTTA take! Even if my person is going the other way or calling my name! Hehe I’ve got to play in my first few trials and had lots of great moments. I even got my very first Q ribbon. There are so many big things to come!

I have started to compete in Flyball and have earned my first few titles. Flyball is the best – the team calls me “Butters” since I have to have my feet so wrapped up. But even with that, I’m still running consistent low 4’s. I also got my first trick dog title recently. Tricks are fun, but only for a bit. I’d rather run. So flyball is my absolute fave! Amanda is also trying to teach me something called Scent Hurdling. I’m sure it’s like flyball where I just have to run down and turn on a flat box – but Amanda keeps sending me back for my dumbbell. One of us will win eventually right?!

Oh – and I’m learning how to dock dive – which is great fun!

Anyway, I gotta go play – Roxy hasn’t been jumped on for like three full minutes!




May 2018

My name is Flipp and I'm new around here! I live with my two peoples and my fursters: Roxy and Icy. I came home in December from an amazing breeder in New York.

I got my name because I really don't like to sit still - if you try to hold me I will wiggle and twist until I just "flip" right out of your arms!

My people say that I am just the sweetest dog - but that I have a serious stubborn edge! I don't really know what that means - all I know is that I am having a blast! Roxy is my best pal! She and I are having lots of fun playing and exploring. I really like agility and flyball - I'm going to be amazing in both those sports - I just know it!

Right now we are practicing lots of different games and tricks and I'm excited to meet everyone at events and demos this year!

Wags and Wiggles,


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