I love to run!!!!           

Registered Name: Nice of You to Come Bye Cookie Affair
Breed: Border Collie
Born: January 11, 2015
Height: 17""
Color: Tri Merle
Sex: Female

Owner: Amanda Fonos

January 2017

Hi Everyone! Icy here!

I have grown up a lot over the past two years - but not as much as anyone would have thought! I am a teeny tiny border collie with a BIG personality!

I was born to play flyball! I earned my Flyball Dog Champion - Silver certificate in only three tournaments! I also love to play agility - almost as much as I love to tell my human she is going too slow while we are playing!

I am having a tonne of fun playing all the demo games - I don't like to high jump but I love to play disc and run in the races!

If you ever see me out and about - feel free to say hi!

Talk soon - Icy XOXO

May 2015

Hi everyone! I’m Icy! I am super excited about everything!

I am a new addition to my family and to the Dynamo team! I live with my two people and with my “fur-ster” Roxy! I really like playing with her! She is a tonne of furry fun! She doesn’t like it when I pull on her ears or tail, but sometimes I do anyways cause it is so much fun!

I came to my new family on a plane from a place called The Netherlands. My people say that my parents have “drive” so I should too. All I know is that I’m learning new things every day and can’t wait to learn more and more! I really love the place where Roxy gets to go and play agility! I tried to check out some of the equipment on my own but my people stopped me… Something about it being too big and tall for a puppy. I don’t know what they are talking about! I’m not afraid! I want to learn it all – right now!

I’m gonna be at a few of the Dynamo demos this summer to see what it’s all about. Hope to see you there!