The Bestest Beagle
Name: Meme
Registered Name: Meme of Rosie
Breed: Beagle
Born: January 29, 2006
Height: 14.5"
Color: Black, White and Tan
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
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Owner: John Chandler

Where did Meme get her name? Well my friend’s beagle, Rosie, had a litter of puppies. She asked me if I’d like to have one. What a sight: seven 3-month-old beagle puppies… all jumping up and down with joy… each one delightful and lovable in its own way. I was faced with a difficult choice indeed. And then it became easy. There was one — and even though she was the littlest one of all — and getting pushed aside by the others — she just kept jumping up and down still more vigorously than all the others as if to say “Pick me Me ME”!

That was just the first step for me in discovering just what a difference having a dog in one’s life really does mean. “Man’s best friend”. Truer words were never spoken. What a companion. She has warmed my heart every day. Meme is such a joyful, happy dog. High spirited, energetic, playful, curious. But also very sweet, gentle and loving and calm too. She loves meeting new people anywhere, anytime. Come see her at the “Pat and Chats” that are done during our dogsport demonstrations and you’ll see. (Some pictures of that appear at the bottom of this page).

She can be a total clown with a mind of her own, but I soon discovered there’s a side of her that can be very focussed and keen to work and learn too. We started with puppy obedience 101 etc., then heard about agility. Knowing nothing about it, we decided to try it just for fun, got totally hooked and have just kept on going to classes and matches, learning more and more every year. Next thing I know she’s being invited to perform in shows. I’m very proud of her!

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