Big Dogs Can Play, Too!
Name: Mochi
Registered Name: Mochi Oscar Jackson IV Ullyatt
Breed: Akita X
Born: December 3, 2006
Height: 26.5"
Sex: Male
AAC: View Mochi's AAC acheivements (View definitions)

Owner: Annie Dugan

“Best Dog in His House”

  • Mochi successfully ‘crashed’ the Dynamo Dog show at the Rainmaker Rodeo last summer
  • He has his  ADC, SGDC, AADC, and MADC title from the Agility Association of Canada
  • Mochi can produce 2 litres of drool in roughly 3.5 seconds at dinner time.

Mochi is an Akita cross who shares his home with two cats, two humans and his little sister Berri.  He lives near the River Valley, goes for walks every day, and puts up with the cats quite well.  Although he is not cut out to be the fasted dog on the course, he has a fabulous time doing agility and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  He has his CKC Good Neighbor Certification, and is known as ‘The Enforcer’ on his block.

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