Doing things my own way!
Name: Roxy Breed: Mixed Breed
Born: February 17, 2012
Height: 20.5"
Color: Tan with black ears and tail
Sex: Female
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Owner: Amanda Fonos

June 2020

Hey guys!

I’m still doing my thing: being the best Roxy I can be.

We had a big year – in 2019 I played and placed really well in Regionals. I even qualified to play in Nationals! My person was positively glowing! I recently earned my Agility Games Dog of Canada and my Masters Agility Dog of Canada titles. I miss playing agility and when we can get back out there, I promise I will continue to have fun and do my best to create a few moments where I make everyone laugh.

I continue to be a dependable, reliable flyball dog. Never too fast or too slow – I always run just right! While I’m not the fastest pooch on the lanes, I am super consistent and will get the job done provided nobody passes too close into me on my way back to my hot dog reward! (YUM!)

I also got to try out a new game called Barn Hunt. I am super good at it and love to find the hidden gerbils. I'll search and search until I find them - and once I do you will know for sure! I'm great at this game and can't wait to play more.

Recently Amanda submitted a video of me for a trick dog title, and I got it! We did it just for fun and fun is what we had! I really enjoyed showing off some of the things I know for the camera!

Here’s hoping I can get out there and get a few more belly rubs from you all some time soon!

Stay safe!



May 2018

Roxy here - time for an update to all my adoring fans!

I have had another big year! I earned my Flyball Dog Champion - Gold title in 2017 and I just recently earned my Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title! My person was so excited when that happened. Apparently this was a major goal for us - though I didn't know it at the time - I was just playing the game and having fun! Masters Standard, here we come!

Icy and I got a new "fur-ster" in December 2017 - her name is Flipp and she is the BEST! I love to play with her! She is learning many new things from me - most are good!

We are all getting ready to rock at demos this summer so stay tuned to the Dynamo web page and Facebook page - please come say hi if you see me out and about! I'm always happy to give out a high five or two!

Tail wags,




January 2017

Hi guys! I'm almost five! I still look just as young as I did when I last updated you - my people thought I would have a few gray hairs thanks to my furster Icy - but I'm much more resilient than that!

I had the best year ever playing agility! I earned my Starters Games Dog of Canada and my Agility Dog of Canada titles! I also earned my Flyball Dog Champion - Silver certificate in flyball in February of 2016! I have become a very reliable flyball competitor! I can run in any position on any team and perform consistently well! This is something my person is extremely proud of! We worked very hard together to make me the best competitor I can be!

I'm still learning lots of new tricks and hope to show you if you come to see me at a demo sometime!

Talk to you later - Roxy XOXO

PS - I still have a LOT of fun going around the jumps if Amanda isn't paying attention! Hehe

March 2015

Hi Everyone! I’m Roxy! My people say that I am a three year old mixed breed pooch – they keep saying I might be a Wheaton Terrier X Bearded Collie – what do you think? Either way it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just a happy girl!

I live with my two people and I just got a new “fur-ster” named Icy! She is a blast! Except for when she pulls on my ears or tail – I don’t care for that too much…

I have a lot of fun playing agility! I love to do the dog walk and ramp the best – I find those jumps kind of pesky though. Sometimes I try to be sneaky and go around or under them – but my person always makes me go back and do it right. She thinks that eventually I will learn to go over them every time. I have a different plan in mind!

I am also learning to play flyball which I think is awesome! I love to run up and down the lane! I’m not so keen on bringing the tennis ball back – it’s way more fun to just launch off the box and run as fast as I can! Getting that ball just slows me down!

I hope to see you at a demo sometime this summer! Last year I managed to sneak a bite of hamburger from one of the people who came to watch me – I hope to do that again this year! I’ve been practicing my barrel racing and high jumping so I’m ready to perform!

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