Squirryl is our Czech Republic Berger Picard
Name: Squirryl
Registered Name: Khirugai's Aspyn of Eltanin (view pedigree)
Breed: Berger Picard
Born: August 11, 2011
Height: 22""
Color: Fawn
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: No
AAC: View Squirryl's AAC acheivements (View definitions)

Owner: Seanna O'Neill

When I found a litter of Berger Picards that were going to be 8 weeks old when I was in Europe, for the World Agility Championships, I knew that one was meant for me!  Aspyn was my pick of the litter, as she was a little gangbuster right from the start.  It was a tough beginning to the relationship as her first few days with us were spent on my lap in a little ford focus, driving through various countries in Europe on our way from the Czech Republic to the airport in Paris, France.  Then it was a long airport ride home to Canada.

She handled it all like a trooper though, and was very quick to make friends with all the dogs at home (after Dart told her in no uncertain terms that she preferred the rough and tumble Aspyn (Aka Squirryl) to keep her distance!)

So far, Squirryl has been a typical Berger to train.  She robust and rough and tough in her play, but a very sensitive student.  Quick to learn, but also quick to become bored.  She is a challenge, but a fun challenge, and we are looking forward to a lot of new things to come.


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