Tenacious Turtle

Name: Tenacious Turtle
Registered Name: Be Tenaciously Aerodynamic (view pedigree)
Breed: Whippet
Born: September 7, 2011
Height: 19.5"
Color: Brindle
Sex: Male
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Owner: Kirstin O'Neill

Update! October 13, 2015

Here is a break down of how things are going so far with him in all his training….


Tenacious has now competed in 2 national championships. Although things have not gone our way in either, his improvements each trial are amazing. I am injured at the moment with a torn ACL. But the last trial he went 10/10  making up for my lack of handling. Next year Tenacious will be going to the EO/WAC tryouts as well as trying for the IFCS world team. we hope to do well, but have no presumptions about him making a world team. Tenacious still has running contacts on everything and they still make me smile at the speed and consistency he has on them!


Ten is becoming a solid flyball dog. Rarely making mistakes and running hard. Although he does run 3.7 consistently against fast dogs. he tends to run more around 3.9-4.0 with slower dogs.


Disc is by far his favorite and most talented sport, He can go all day and still want you to throw the disc. I hope to one day really see what this boy can do with a real distance thrower!


We hope next year to have a straight and oval racing club here to practice and compete. He has tried straights and oval once each. But in the meantime tenacious tried lure coursing for the first time and LOVED it, he also seemed to have a talent for it, so we will be trying this again in the future.



Tenacious LOVES to swim and loves to jump off the dock, although only in the warmer weather 🙂

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