Dynamite Dynamo Trial!

They raced, they jumped, they caught!  Huge thanks to all those who came out to enjoy our very 1st official Dynamo Dog event.  It was great to see so many breeds represented, and to see all the dogs having fun doing what dogs love to do, play with their people.

Even bigger thanks go out to John Chandler, for working tirelessly on our database, he has been working 24-7 developing a database so we can get those results all online ... and to Lesley Howard - Stafford and Steve Eisenreich for all their extra help outside of the actual event (and Lesley for making terrific chili) ... and Lindsay Potts for all her help on Saturday, and donating Adam for a emergency trip back to the city to get Puissance bars!

Also big thanks to Teri and Kirstin for helping  to keep things on track throughout the day, and all the folks who stayed to help us pack up after a long day of Dynamo fun, and of course Alicia Glasier and Lori Rossi and Ellen and Caelin Homola and Annika Chell for always jumping in when we needed someone to jump in; and Lara and Helen and Martin all the other "Border Collie folk" 🙂 for helping with the line judging during the relays.  And to everyone I didn't mention ... huge thanks for helping!

There were many great performances throughout the day, and a bunch of dogs who have shown great improvement since the Dynamo Fun Match only a month ago.  The organization is new, and some of the events are unique, but we are very happy to hear people commenting on how much they like the format, and how fun and entertaining the lineup of events is proving to be.

Some people have even mentioned that the events are helping their dogs regain their enthusiasm for agility, and others have lamented their fast dogs inability to hit contacts and/or weaves at speed.  That is what we love to hear because it is meant to be fun, but challenging!

We had a couple of ringers in frisbee, with Lara Sorenson bringing a couple of great frisbee dogs in for the event.  They undoubtedly would have had trouble besting Kirstin's Berger Picard, Euro, our resident frisbee champ, who put in a 120' catch in our Fun Match.  But unfortunately Euro broke a toe before the competition and had to be pulled. So Lara took home both the Mini and Maxi trophies with 96' (Vapour) and 114' (OD) catches respectively. And it was great to see Rocket (Standard Poodle), Rusty (Field Spaniel), Ivy (Miniature American Eskimo), Phoebe (Smooth Collie), Havoc (Malinois), and Solo (Wire Fox Terrier) prove that other breeds can play frisbee too!

High jumping was owned by the Border Collies again this time, as Wynd, Meaghan's Border, and Flyte, Teri's Border, went head to head on the highest bars.  In the Fun Match last month Wynd got an extra jump to pull out the highest jump.  But this time there were only two jumps allowed, and though Wynd put in a great effort, Tylt managed to squeak over the top. Tylt made some contact with the bar on the way over, but it stayed up to give her the win.  54 inches! Not bad for a 19" Border.

Relays was both entertaining and competitive. Some dogs are still working out that they aren't going to get called off the tunnel at the last minute, and that they really are allowed to do all the jumps, and don't have to wait for the handlers to catch up. Others just need to be pointed in the right direction, and they are more than willing to do the course by themselves.

The Novice Division (teams running over 20 seconds) was won by a multibreed team of Rocket (Standard Poodle); Rusty (Field Spaniel); and Schoko (American Staffordshire Terrier) with a best time of 21.52.  Just behind them was the 2nd place team of Meme (blazing Beagle); Solo (Wire Fox Terrier); and Ivy (Miniature American Eskimo).

The Elite Division was won by Spectrum Speed Tylted Malinois, with Tylt (Border Collie); Havoc (Malinois); and Pryme (Malinois) (in his debut) running a blazing fast 16.44.  Just behind, also putting in some great races, were the Border Collie Trifecta of Gus, Wynd, and Red with a fastest time of 17.22.

As the Dynamo events develope we continue to make imnprovements going forward, it is great to already see that so many people and dogs seem to be having fun playing in Dynamo Dogsports!

We plan to have a couple of events this summer, so stay tuned!