Dynamo Dogs at Live at Lunch

Great fun with Dynamo Dogs at Live at Lunch yesterday, Churchill Square, downtown Edmonton. Some nice pics in the Journal. Got lots of people watching and cheering the dogs on, and the dogs had a blast!

Havoc debuted her ladder walking and performed like a pro.  Finnegan was the star of Musical Chairs, although Pryme's antics put him close behind!  Ivy and Shiloh are figuring out the weave pole thing... even in crazy settings, Meme was her usual Beagley  star self, and Chloe was solid in the Barrel race :-).  Rusty, Bruiser, Xavier, and Mochi did everything right as usual, and Willow (aka Marmaduke) got loads of new fans, without having to do much at all!

Whle Beckham had fun visiting the crowd and playing with Euro, Tylt showcased her incredible speed, and the three Shelties had great fun chasing each other around the equipment.

Great fun, on to Rainmaker next weekend!