February 2011 AAC Trial Results

Our February Trial was great fun, with judge Gabrielle Hutton coming out from B.C. to judge our Master's runs.
The new ribbons seemed to be a hit, with some people saying they were looking forward to the prospect of titling at a future SS trial to win one of the big ribbons.

Congratulations to those who titled at the February Trial...

Teri O'Neill and Cypher, SILVER AWARD OF MERIT!


Linda Smith and Nova, Italian Greyhound, Starters Agility Dog of Canada
Meaghan O'Neill and Wynd, Border Collie, Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
Linda Simmonds and Tater, Australian Shepherd, Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
Kirstin O'Neill and Beckham, Parson Russell Terrier, Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada
Kirstin O'Neill and Euro, Berger Picard, Masters Snooker Dog of Canada